I have completed the following graduate courses as of August 2023. Your Table
School Course Grade Project
Arizona State University Planning/Learning Methods AIXX
Arizona State University Software SecurityAX
Arizona State University Computer Systems SecurityAX
Arizona State University Operating Systems - DeficiencyAX
Arizona State University Computer Org - DeficiencyAX
University of Virginia AlgorithmsA
Content Aware Image Resizing (SeamCarving) GitHub
University of Virginia Computer Science PerspectivesA No project. Lecture Course from Various Faculty and Researchers within UVa CS Department
University of Virginia Machine LearningA
Explored Single Image Super Resolution GitHub
University of Virginia Computer VisionA
Automatic Lip Reading Research and Implementation GitHub
University of Virginia Formal MethodsA
Iterative Volunteer's Dilemma (CSG) GitHub
University of Virginia Reinforcement LearningA
Novel Architecture on the Usage of Reinforcement Learning for Data Poisoning GitHub
University of Virginia Graph MiningA
Neural Collaborative Filtering for Content Recommendation GitHub
University of Virginia Learning TheoryAAnti-Vaccine Sentiment through the lens of Game Theory
University of Virginia Cloud ComputingA
Implementation of Synthetic Gradients for Model Parallelism GitHub
University of Virginia Research HoursA Various work centered around the use of Agent Based Modeling for Behavioral Theory
Syracuse University Data Analysis and Decision MakingA
Increasing Conversion Rates amongst Programmatic Online Display Efforts GitHub
Syracuse University Business AnalyticsA
R programming for generalized linear models and nonlinear models GitHub
Syracuse University Marketing AnalyticsA
Collaborative Filtering and Recommendation System Project GitHub
Syracuse University Advanced Information SystemsA
Facial Detection and Recognition using CNNs and MLPs GitHub
Syracuse University Data ScienceA
Predictive Modeling Centered around Net Promoter Score for a Hotel Chain GitHub
Syracuse University Data WarehousingA
Built a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (DW/BI) solution GitHub
Syracuse University Text MiningA
Explored Part of Speech Tagging under an Information Theoretic Setting GitHub
Syracuse University Scripting for Data AnalysisA
Python Scripting for Web Scraping and Data Cleaning GitHub
Syracuse University Web DevelopmentA
React-based Front-end Web Application Development GitHub